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As a multidisciplinary digital creative I offer a versatile but focused skill-set: a balance between creative and analytical qualities with an emphasis on user-centric practices. I'm a problem solver at heart and strive to deliver the most effective solution at the highest of standards.

I have a genuine passion for design, technology and creative thinking and constantly seek to expand my abilities and enrich my knowledge in all areas to stay on top of this constantly moving web world.

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Mobilegeddon: Google changes search algorithm

21 April 2015

As many of you have probably heard over the last few months, Google has changed its ranking algorithm that will revolutionize the way mobile friendliness is determined. Starting today, mobile friendly websites get a boost in search results viewed from a mobile device. The change is so significant that today is actually being referred to as the mobilegeddon, or sometimes the mopocalypse. 

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April Fools Roundup

01 April 2014

Every year, many great tech companies pull some awesome jokes on April fools. None, however, can top Google’s jokes, as they go all out on this day and try to outdo themselves every year. Google’s many divisions all release a video of some hilarious addition to their product. Here’s a few of this years best pranks.

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Flappy Bird Flaps No More

11 February 2014

I'm sure everyone, by now, has heard of this extremely popular smartphone game. Suddenly it was there, topping the download charts and raking in €37k a day from ad revenue. But this rapid popularity surge was also its downfall, and it has been taken down from the App Store already. So what happened to the bird?

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Please Update Your Browser!

08 January 2014

One of the biggest annoyances I have as a web developer is the usage of outdated browsers. I often hear people complain that (my) websites don't work correctly on their computer, and the use of an outdated browser is almost always the cause. The culprits I'm talking about here are Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. This is a call out to everyone who still uses these browsers: please update your browser! I have now stopped supporting these browsers, and here's why:

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